About Us


We are a skincare company proudly knows as LOVERA based in MALAYSIA. We strive to bring you the best natural skincare for the wellbeing of your skin.

Every formulation of LOVERA's product was carefully researched and developed so that we could deliver you only the best.

One of our principle is to avoid using nasties chemicals that would harm your skin , which is why our product is tested on ourself (the human) first before bringing it to you. Because our top priority is our customers & their future.


Our sole purpose is to provide you with only the safest and effective beauty products through thorough research , tested and proven formulation.


We take pride and will continue help people to achieve self-confidence and boost self esteem which ultimately will enhance the quality of one's life

We hope to aspire a highly motivated nation striving success and creating a harmonious unity.

Our Vision is to be : The Most Preferred Natural Skincare in Malaysia