We pay RM50 for Milky Magic Jelly Testimonials

1. Yes! This is not a contest. If your testimonials show obvious result of skin transformation then the money is yours! 

2. We accept submission until April 2020

Terms & Conditions

1. The picture must show obvious result of skin transformation

2. We accept all kind of transformation – brightening , acne , breakout , scars , improve texture , etc

3. One customer can only claim one time only.

4. RM 50 will be credited into your account in 20 working days

6. Entry that uses filter , over exposure & brightness and unrealistic editing will be rejected without any prejudice 

6. We have the right to reject any suspicious entry

7. For submission we required 3 photo : –

      a) Selfie with Lovera’s product

      b) Before photo

      c) After photo

7. Priority is given to those who use Milky Magic Jelly 

7. We have the right to change any terms & condition and rules without any prior notice

Best Practice

1. Take picture with natural sun lighting. Preferably in the morning betweem 9-11am

2. The the same angle , pose and possibly the same clothes.

3. Take photo the same day you get your product to mark the 1st day of using the product

4. Take note that for natural product to take effect is around 1-3 months. So if you dont see any effect please continue using until you get your desired result.

5. Best to take photo every 3 weeks. (Set reminder on your phone calendar so you wont forget)


Step to submit testimonials

1. Prepare all your photos

2. Click button below to submit your photo to our whatsapp

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