How to Buy – Step by Step

Please take note that is no longer using direct bank transfer as a payment method. The below guide for shopping is still applicable except for the payment step. We are now using Billplz payment gateway for an easier transaction.

1Go to shop page

Click Shop from the menu.

How to Buy - Step 01

2Find the product you’re interested in

Click on the product to go to the product page or click the Add to Cart button. You will need to refresh the page to see your cart (on the right) updated with your new order.

How to Buy - Step 02

3Product page

On the product page, enter the quantity you wish to buy and click Add to Cart.

How to Buy - Step 03a

A notification should appear. You can click View Cart to view your updated cart.

How to Buy - Step 03b

4Review your cart

Here you can edit your cart before proceeding to checkout. You can remove or add more items. The total for your order is displayed on the right.

Click the Proceed to Checkout button to continue.

How to Buy - Step 04

5Fill in your billing and shipping information

Click Place Order to proceed with the payment.

How to Buy - Step 05

6Billplz Payment page

You will be redirected to a payment gateway to make your payment via online banking. Click Pay to continue with your order.

How to Buy - Step 06

Upon confirmation, you will receive an email or SMS to notify you on successful payment and we will process your order. Take note that we do not require proof of purchase from your side.

27 thoughts on “How to Buy – Step by Step

  1. berape lame ye processing? after payment is successful, usually how long does it takes for your side to do shipment?

  2. Saya berminat untuk beli trial set ni. Tapi saya stay di negeri sembilan. So… bagaimana ye?

  3. Where can I buy this product?
    Can get trial set. I’m 40+, pls recommend suitable product,
    Pls PM

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