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Step 1 : Get to know the products (Click on the text for more info

Suitable for skin type :



A lightweight non-sticky multipurpose skin-perfecting supercharge moisturising gel that will help you unlocked more radiant , clear and glowing skin.


✅ Clear breakout acne and all type of pimples

✅ Fade scars and even out skin tone

✅ Supply hydration to dry skin and makes skin looks plump

✅ Reduce oil production

✅ Shrink pores that result in smooth and clear skin

✅ Soothe sunburn and protect skin from future sun exposure

✅ Soothe eczema itchy patches and slow down the symptom to flare up again

✅ Treat and moisten crack , dry and chapped lips

✅ Best first aid for burn areas (melecur)

✅ Speed up the healing process of wound and bruises


👉🏻Floral refreshing scent


Non-sticky lightweight transparent gel

Suitable for skin type :



A mild non-SLS facial wash that remove excess oil , dead skin and grime of the day while preparing the skin for moisturiser or serum. It leave your skin smooth , evenly hydrated and refreshingly clean.


✅ Unclog pores from anything that can cause inflammations 

✅ Kill bacteria that cause pimples

✅ Polish dull skin and restore it to new glowing and pinkish skin

✅ Supply instant hydration to your skin after washing it

✅ It’s unique anti-oxidant formulation will slow down aging process  and keep your skin supple and bouncy.


👉🏻 Musky baby scent 


Clear liquid

Suitable for skin type :

✅Dry to normal skin


BB Jelly is a unique BB Cream with a gel like texture that glides smoothly on your skin without leaving any white residue.

Suitable for dry skin, BB Jelly will keep your skin hydrated and give that instant glow to cover dull and tired skin.

It also protects skin from sun exposure and improve skin texture and complexion leaving your with healthy fresh new skin everyday.


✅ Instantly lightens and enhance skin appearance
✅Conceal scars and flaws
✅Combat pimples problems
✅Protect your skin from sun exposure
✅Illuminates skin
✅Hydrates immediately after application
✅Smooth skin


👉🏻 Floral calming scent


👉🏻 BB cream with gel texture

Suitable for skin type :



A non-sticky beige color day cream specially formulated for oily skin. It’s matte finishing will leave your skin looks velvety and fresh. 

LDC’s rich creamy texture will spread out nicely on your skin, covering any blemishes on your face.

Not only it will enhance your appearance , but LDC also has the ability to treat your skin from within like improving your skin texture , treat acne and also anti-aging


✅Instantly brighten skin

✅Protects skin from the sun (SPF 15)

✅Kill bacteria that cause acne

✅Eliminates dull skin

✅Shrink pores



👉🏻Musky baby scent


👉🏻 Non-sticky smooth cream

Suitable for skin type :

✅ Normal
✅ Oily
✅ Combination
✅ Dry


A liquid serum toner that acts to cleanse the skin from gunk, grime , dust , bacteria and dead skin cells. 

Powered by AHA BHA PHA mild acid , a group of natural acids for mild exfoliation that will transform dull and tired skin to more lively, radiant skin. 

Skin will becomes more smoother and refine as the pores becomes smaller and unnoticeable


✅  Exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal healthy new glowing skin

✅ Clear breakout acne and even out ski after acne has gone

✅ Refine skin texture by minimising the appearance of pores

✅ Skin looks brighter and more radiant because no more dead skin cells sitting on the surface.

✅ Makes skin glows naturally leaving it looks fresh all day long


👉🏻Soft rose scent 🌹


Liquid with rose petals

Suitable for skin type :

✅ Mature skin


A unique non-sticky gel cream that targeted to brighten skin naturally risk-free.

With its advanced formulation , Milky MJ not only wipe away dull skin, but also helps skin in delaying premature skin aging, protect from sun damage and calm irritated skin.


✅ Strenghten skin barriers

✅ Postpone skin aging

✅ Soothe and calm irritated skin

✅ Anti-acne

✅ Anti-inflammatory

✅ Reduce redness

✅Effective healing properties


👉🏻 Fresh floral scent


👉🏻 White creamy gel cream

Step 2 : Layering Guide

Pro tip :

  1. You can either use Magic Jelly or Milky Magic Jelly for moisturiser. No need to use both.
  2. To achieve extra hydration , you can mix Magic Jelly and Milky Magic Jelly on palm and apply it together on skin
  3. Lovera day cream is more suitable for oily skin while BB Jelly for dry skin. No need to use both.
  4. Glossy skin serum toner can be use as essence too. Just pour it on your palm and dab on skin.


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Brand Info

From Soil To Skin

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Powered to boost up all your skin needs


Boost Radiance



Delay Skin Aging

Minimize Pores

Restore and increase elasticity


Bouncy skin

Clear Pimples

How it works



Moisturise / Serum


All natural goodness without the bad stuff

No Paraben

No Mineral Oil

No Sulphates

No Silicones

Botanical Only Formulation

No Animal Ingredients


Brand You Can Trust

Ministry Of Health Malaysia (KKM)

LAB Test NPRA (National Poison

HSA (Health Ministry of Singapore)

Halal Jakim

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