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Magic Jelly has a MAJOR upgrade and it is bursting with the most powerful natural skin-lightener ingredients , our super-hero ; alpha-arbutin. While maintaining our favourite ingredients Aloe Vera , this new MILKY MAGIC JELLY will leave your skin bouncy , plumpy, brighter and creamy like a nice of fresh milk.

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Milky MJ Area of Focus



Delay Aging


10 Amazing Skin Superheroes in MJ Milk

Aloe Vera

All rounder ingredients for beauty needs. It does all from moisturizing , anti-aging , acne-fighter , soothe skin and everything your skin needs.


Also known as Vitamin B3 that helps visibly minimize large pores , correct uneven skin tones , fine lines and wrinkles. Help to strengthen skin barriers.

Alpha Arbutin

A natural and safer ingredients for skin brightening compared to hydroquione. Derived from natural source and no side-effects for user.

Centella Asiatica

Loaded with anti-oxidant nutrient and minerals that helps treat irritated , stress and skin inflammatory. Also fight acne like no other.


Powerful anti-oxidants that helps tighten the elasticity of the skin. Reduce inflammation caused by acne and also improves circulations to give you glowing skin


Use widely for skin brightener & fade dark scars. It can also fight wrinkles , tighten skin , soothe inflammation and a good source of skin hydration

Camellia Sinensis

Protect skin against free radicals while boosting the skin’s collagens production. It also improves skins texture and appearance.


Natural skin lightener and promotes healthy glows to the skin. Great for sensitive and acne-prone skin and restore skin natural moisture content

Shea Butter

It create smooth and soft barrier that seals moisture keeps skin hydrated that last. Also provides relief to itchy and peeling skin. 

Japanase Knotweed

Potent source of Resveratrol that has been known to slow aging process. It contains lots of vitamin A and C which are powerful anti-oxidant.

Why Alpha-arbutin?

1. A safer natural skin-lightening as compared to  hydroquinone

2. It also works well with hyperpigmentation, brown marks and sun-damage skin.

3. The ability to transform dull and tired skin to clear and radian skin.

4. Effectively reduce sign of premature aging and acne spots.

All natural goodness without the bad stuff

No Paraben

No Mineral Oil

No Sulphates

No Silicones

Botanical Only Formulation

No Animal Ingredients


How To Use

Use as Moisturiser 💦

Apply 2-3 pumps of Milky Magic Jelly twice daily after toner day and night.

Reapply if skin is feeling dry , tired or you just need an extra shot of glow for the day.


Use as Sleeping Mask😴

To use as night treatment sleeping mask , apply a generous amount that covers all area of face.

Massage in circular motion for better absorption for the product

The Feel


Texture – Not sticky , fast absorb, light-weight. Very comfortable and moisturizing

Scent – Refreshing , calming and pleasant floral scent.

Extra Glow Tips✨


1. Mix some Milky Magic Jelly with your favourite foundation for smoother , flawless and more glowy finishing.

2. Place Milky Magic Jelly in the fridge for extra cooling effect for the skin. Best served chilled! 🥶

1. Cleanser


3. Magic Jelly + Milky MJ (yes u can mix this for super ultra hydration!)

4. LDC / BBJ 

How to layer Lovera product

How to layer Lovera product

1. Cleanser


3. Magic Jelly + Milky MJ (yes u can mix this for super ultra hydration!)

4. LDC / BBJ 

Ready to get milky and creamy skin like milk?

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