*One Time Offer* Milky Magic Jelly

*One Time Offer* Milky Magic Jelly



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🥛Milky Magic Jelly Multi Targeted Skin Enhancing Gel Cream (Brightening & Hydration Booster)
Benefit –
  1. Effectively brighten the skin naturally with Alpha Arbutin.
  2. Supply mega hydration to the skin leaving it looking bouncy and fresh all day.
  3. Shea butter locks the moisture, soften skin and increase skin elasticity
  4. Delay sign of aging such as saggy skin, enlarged pores, wrinkles, crow feets, and dull skin
    Tighten skin texture leaving you with youthful features
  5. Protect from free radical that cause your skin which is damaging to skin anx prevent speeding up of the aging process
  6. Calm stress skin due to pollution, breakout and sensitivity
  7. Increase the strength of skin barrier and prevent any skin damage in the future
  8. Minimize the appearance of pores making your skin looks smooth and velvety.
  9. With so much hydration, it will leave your skin looking dewy and radiant instantly
  10. Transform dull skin into glowy and radiant complexion
🥛 Suitable for those
✅ Those who lives in the city that is constantly expose to air pollution
✅  Always expose to sun that accelerate skin aging and dry skin
✅ Want to get rid of stubborn dull skin
✅ Want dewy and glowing skin all day long
✅ Cant stand having tired and stressful skin
✅ Want to clear all acne that keep on popping up
✅ Want to protect skin from premature skin aging like wrinkles , saggy skin , extremely dry skin and pigmentation


Will work hard for...

Must use if...

What is AHA BHA PHA?

Glossy Skin Serum Toner Benefits



Delay Aging


All natural goodness without the bad stuff

No Paraben

No Mineral Oil

No Sulphates

No Silicones

Botanical Only Formulation

No Animal Ingredients


How To Use

Use as Moisturiser 💦

Apply 2-3 pumps of Milky Magic Jelly twice daily after toner day and night.

Reapply if skin is feeling dry , tired or you just need an extra shot of glow for the day.


Use as Sleeping Mask😴

To use as night treatment sleeping mask , apply a generous amount that covers all area of face.

Massage in circular motion for better absorption for the product

The Feel


Texture – Not sticky , fast absorb, light-weight. Very comfortable and moisturizing

Scent – Refreshing , calming and pleasant floral scent.

Extra Glow Tips✨


1. Mix some Milky Magic Jelly with your favourite foundation for smoother , flawless and more glowy finishing.

2. Place Milky Magic Jelly in the fridge for extra cooling effect for the skin. Best served chilled! 🥶

How to layer Lovera product

1. Cleanser


3. Magic Jelly + Milky MJ (yes u can mix this for super ultra hydration!)

4. LDC / BBJ 

Want faster and better result? Use together with...

*One Time Offer* Milky Magic Jelly


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