Radiant Set
Original price was: RM160.00.Current price is: RM155.00.

Radiant Set


Original price was: RM160.00.Current price is: RM155.00.

LOVERA RADIANT SET consist of :-

1 x Magic Jelly

1 x Lovera Day Cream

1 x Glossy Skin Serum Toner


  1. Cleanse face with Lovera Complete Cleanser twice a day
  2. Apply Glossy Skin Serum toner for deep cleansing
  3. Apply Lovera Day Cream to enhance skin appearance with nice velvety matte finishing
  4. Addition : Apply Magic Jelly for skin booster and extra hydration for your all rounder skin treatment.


  1. With consistent usage of this set , you will see changes in your skin appearance to be more glowy , moisturises, suppler and glass-like skin.
  2. Pimples will go away & your skin complexion will become better than before.
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