Sparkling Skin Combo


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Get an instant glow skin with Sparkling Skin Combo. Packed with anti-oxidant ingredients , mild exfoliating acid AHA BHA PHA and Alpha Arbutin to wipe off that dull skin and brings live back to your skin.

✅ Powered by natural ingredients that works helping you achieving your #SkinGoals

✅ 2 easy step to glow

✅ Enriched with Alpha Arbutin : Natural skin brightener that is safe and risk-free compare to hydroquione



✨ Refine pores that will makes your skin appears smoother

✨ Lighten up skin tone. Makes skin looks more brighter and glowy

✨ Always have younger looking skin with natural glows

✨ You want to get rid of that stubborn dull skin – FAST!

✨ You want to delay and prevent premature skin aging. (wrinkles , sagging skin and big pores)

✨ You wan instant plump, bouncy and glowing skin

❌ Dull skin

❌ Big pores

❌ Acne/Pimples

❌ Black & Whiteheads

❌ Dry , itchy skin

❌ Oily sticky skin

❌ Dead skin cells

❌ Uneven skin tones

❌ Sunburn

❌ Rough skin

✅ Those who lives in the city with alot of pollutions and need skincare that protect and fights against free radicals and other impurities. 

✅ Who wants to brighten skin the safe and natural way with zero risk of nasty chemicals

✨ 2 Steps To Sparkling Skin ✨

Brighten with
Milky Magic Jelly

It penetrates deep down and work hard to make your skin noticeably brighter. Burst with anti-oxidant ingredients that help prevent pre-mature aging skin , reduced sun damaged and increase skin elasticity.

Glow with Glossy Skin Serum Toner

GSST will get your skin glow-on like never before! Formulated together with mild natural asid AHA BHA PHA will promise a refine and glowing complexion. It hydrates and completely removes all gunks on your pores.

All natural goodness without the bad stuff

No Paraben

No Mineral Oil

No Sulphates

No Silicones

Botanical Only Formulation

No Animal Ingredients


✨ Super Radiant , Mega Glow ✨

Bright-skin Maker

✅ Alpha-arbutin works by reducing melanin production that results of brighter tone of the skin

✅ Licorice , works to fight pigmentation , reduce scar appearance and delay aging

✅ Instant skin repair and protection against sun damaged that makes skin age faster (dull skin , wrinkles and saggy skin)

Mega glow is here

✅ Loaded with natural AHA BHA PHA acid that works together effectively to produce a Glass Skin status effect on your skin

✅ Vacuum all gunk and other impurities completely out of your pores for 2 most important things :-

1. For ingredients in the skincare to travel easily to the deepest layer of the skin , not just sitting on the outer side.

2. To keep the bacteria that cause acne and large pores from appearing again. 

✅ Get rid of dead skin cells everyday , leaving your with only fresh and radiant complexion everyday. 

How To Use

Step 1 - Glossy Skin Serum Toner

Pour some in cotton pad and dab or wipe all over your skin. Change the cotton pad 2-3 times until there is no more dirty marks on it.

Frequency : AM & PM 

Note : Use one or on alternate days if your skin shows sign of sensitivity.

Step 2 - Milky Magic Jelly

Apply 2-3 pumps after using toner and feel the instant boost of hydration that will makes your skin bounce. 

Frequency : AM & PM. (Can reapply through out the day)

Note : For better result , please continue using for 3 months to see visible effect. Sunscreen also is a MUST when using brightening product.

Sparkling Skin Combo
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Anis F.
I recommend this product
1 week experience

Already try this sparkling combo ,i love the smell of the milky jelly but may i know is it normal to feel a bit itchy on face after apply ? Bcs i notice my face will get a little bit rash & spots After using it .

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