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Hi my name is Lisa.

i will help you achieve your #SkinGoals with correct treatment set for your skin problems.

Product Catalog

Magic Jelly – The Multipurpose Beauty Gel
Price : RM78

Suitable for skin type :


What it is?

A lightweight non-sticky multipurpose skin-perfecting supercharge moisturising gel that 

Solutions for 


✅ Clear breakout acne and all type of pimples

✅ Fade scars and even out skin tone

✅ Supply hydration to dry skin and makes skin looks plump

✅ Reduce oil production

✅ Shrink pores that result in smooth and clear skin

✅ Soothe sunburn and protect skin from future sun exposure

✅ Soothe eczema itchy patches and slow down the symptom to flare up again

✅ Treat and moisten crack , dry and chapped lips

✅ Best first aid for burn areas (melecur)

✅ Speed up the healing process of wound and bruises