Cute Ramadhan Planner Lovera

Alhamdullilah , for this Ramadhan Lovera has prepare the cutest Ramadhan planner for you to get organised in a fun way.


This planner have 14 pages of colorful cute illustration that consist of reminders , doa , zikir , deen tracker , beauty tips during this holy month and many more!


Hopefully with this planner you girls will get more organised and well prepared to welcome the most important month of the year.


Just click at the download button. No registration or email needed.


Reminder :


We encourage you to SPREAD this planner like crazy in your whatsapp group , social media. You are also allowed to print this and distribute for free.


You are STRICTLY not allowed to sell this in any forms.


Thank You!


May Allah bless us all and Happy Fasting!



Lovera HQ

Cute Ramadhan Planner Lovera

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